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Our Cuisine

Our inspiration is the love and respect for tradition, along with a touch of innovation and Mediterranean flair.
We use only the highest-quality ingredients, nearly all of which are locally derived: our dishes are prepared simply and genuinely, so as to highlight the natural flavours of the ingredients.
Fish and seafood come straight from our lagoon and the Adriatic sea and the vegetables, come from the briny soils of the lagoon – Sant'Erasmo and Vignole islands as well as the coastal areas of Cavallino and Treporti.

You may choose from a rich selection of starters, including the classic boiled mixed seafood, sarde en saor (fried sardines marinated in onions and vinegar), oysters, and dill-marinated salmon. Our recommended seafood first courses include tagliolini with cherry tomato and lobster or scampi, seafood risotto, bigoli with anchovies and onions sauce, gnocchi with seafood sauce, tagliatelle with cuttlefish sauce; second course offerings include fried fish (when in season, we always have moeche fritte – fried soft shell lagoon crabs), stewed cuttlefish with polenta, fried bisato (lagoon eel), salt cod with polenta.

For those who prefer meat, we have a variety of specialties from which to choose including San Daniele prosciutto hand cut, pappardelle with duck sauce, lamb cutlet, stew with polenta, fegato alla Veneziana (liver and onions in the Venetian style), grilled beef filet.

Our recommended cheeses include a selection of alpine cheeses served with lagoon honey and Italian mostarda.
We also offer meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as varieties of pasta suitable for those who are celiac.
Our plates are prepared and garnished with organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil produced by the Agrinatura Giancarlo Ceci company, (

Toast with brandade of salt coad
Scallop au gratin
Tagliatelle with prawns and zucchini
Fillet of gilt-head with “taggiasche” olives

€ 40,00 p.p.*